Watermelon Taffy Espresso! Revel Coffee - Ethiopia Wush Wush Extraction & Review


  • Roaster: Revel Coffee

  • Coffee: Ethiopia Wush Wush

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Roast: Light

  • Espressso Vision: 34 Very Light

  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Region: Sidama

  • Varieties: Heirloom

  • Elevation: 1,900 MASL

  • Flavors: Fruit Juice Acidity, Watermelon Taffy, Chocolate, Fruit Leather


This is my first coffee from Bottomless Coffee and my first time testing anything from Revel Coffee, and I gotta say they really crushed it with this one! Revel has done a really incredible job with this coffee. It's an extremely aromatic and flavorful coffee. In fact it's so flavorful that initially it's a bit tricky to pick out any one dominant flavor. It's a cacophony of complex floral and fruit notes that meld and swirl together. Then suddenly as it begins to cool it hits just the right temperature and that mixture of rich flavors magically transforms into watermelon taffy. Blink and you could miss it all together though. If you drink it too fast, or wait too long you might never catch it. Once you find that sweet spot you'll most definitely know it, and you won't soon forget it. If you haven't had the pleasure of tasting this unique coffee yet I highly recommend you do so. You can still score a free bag when signing up with Bottomless Coffee when you use this link.




  • Basket: 16/20g IMS Precision

  • Weight In: 18.5 grams

  • Weight Out: 34-40 grams

  • Niche Zero Grind Setting: 7

  • Temp: 198F

  • Extraction Time: 30 sec


  • Weight In: 25 grams

  • Kubomi

  • Weight Out: 400 grams

  • Fellow Ode Grinder w/ SSP Burrs: 5.1

  • Temp: 212F

  • Bloom Pour: 60g in 0:00 - 0:10

  • Bloom: 0:10 - 0:30

  • Light Stir with Glass Rod

  • 2nd Pour: 60g to 230g in 0:30 - 1:15

  • Swirl

  • Drawdown: 1:15 - 3:30

See The Real Sprometheus "Damn Fine Tutorial - My Hybrid V60 Technique" for details..



Breville Dual Boiler 920XL "Slayer Mod"

  • Valve cracked open about 1.5mm

  • 0 bars to 4-5 bars in about 20 seconds

  • Close valve a little as coffee starts to bead out

  • Hold between 4-5 bars for 10 seconds as the shot forms

  • Open the valve all the way and bring pressure to 9 bars

  • Around the 20 second mark, close the valve slightly to compensate for puck erosion to about 8.5 bars

  • Close valve as shot time reaches about 30 seconds, and weight is about 34-40 grams

If you're interested in this coffee please click the photo below and pick up a bag or two!


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  • S: 1/4000

  • F: 4

  • ISO: 800

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