Urban Grind Roasters - Brazil Carmo De Minas

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Brazil Carmo De Minas

Roaster: Urban Grind Roasters

Roast: Brazil

Style: Single Origin

Region: Carmo De Minas

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Honey

Body: Full

Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut

Test Results:

Super creamy with tons of body, and a natural honey like sweetness! Dark Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts. This Single Origin makes an amazing classic espresso!

I seriously cannot get enough of this coffee! At this point I'm completely addicted to it, so I had to get my fix as soon as my eyes opened this morning. 😳 This is by far my favorite bean coming out of Brazil. It makes sense because Carmo De Minas has a tradition of growing coffee for over 100 years! 💯➕ This region has incredibly ideal conditions for growing naturally sweet coffee. Famous Mineral Water Springs ✅ Perfect Combo of Latitude & Altitude ✅ Mountainous Terrain✅ Well-defined Seasons✅ Fertile Soil✅ Urban Grind is not only a cafe where you can grab a great latte or a killer cup of spro. They also roast a variety of single origins and blends in house. They've taken an exceptional Brazilian grown bean, and have masterfully roasted it just right. If you're lucky enough to live close to Urban Grind like me (less than half a mile) you can grab a bag in person. If not, no worries, Urban Grind now has an online store! . https://ugrusa.com/


Extraction Specifications

Espresso Machine: Breville Dual Boiler 920XL (Modified)

Grinder: Niche Zero w/ NFC Disk

Filter Basket: Stock Breville 18 gram

Weight In: 17.5 grams

Weight Out: 30 grams

Temp: 198F

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