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Review & Video of Traffic Coffee's Olympus Espresso


  • Roaster: Traffic Coffee

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Coffee: Olympus Espresso

  • Type: Blend


  • Origin: Central and South America

  • Varieties: Mundo Novo & Yellow Catuai

  • Altitude: ~1300 Meters

  • Processing: Natural

  • Flavors: Chocolate, Almonds, Orchard Fruit


Olympus was named after the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, paying homage to the champions that compete there and training constantly to do whatever it takes to win! I see why Traffic chose this name. Olympus is definitely what I would consider a "House Espresso." It has the boldness and body required for milk based drinks, but is still very solid on its own as a straight espresso. It's extremely versatile, and can handle any drink you throw at it! It has a classic sweet milk chocolate base almost like hot cocoa, with a thread of toasted almond that runs through it. The finish has a pleasant candied orange twist that ties everything together perfectly. This is the kind of espresso you can drink everyday, any way you want to drink it!


Special thanks to my buddy Jon for hooking me up with a classic IMS Competition 18 gram basket. It tasted great with this coffee, and helped bring out more of its natural sweetness.

  • Basket: 18g IMS Competition

  • Weight In: 18.5 grams

  • Weight Out: 36 grams

  • Temp: 200F

If you're interested in this coffee, or any other coffees from Traffic, please click the photo below. They currently have free delivery on any order of two bags or more!

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