Puck Prep Part #2: Distribution & Tamping Techniques



*If you missed my Puck Prep Part #1: WDT Weiss Distribution Technique, I suggest you click the link below and check that out first.*



Once the WDT is completed gently tap the PF with the dosing cylinder on a folded rag to settle the grounds. Then remove the dosing cylinder and gently tap the PF on a folded rag again to further settle the grounds in the basket.

Distribution / Leveling Tool

Any one of the numerous tools on the market will get the job done. Just make sure that it is at least a 58.5mm. If you use a smaller one, even a 58mm tool, it will cause "Donut Extractions." These are extractions that start around the outside perimeter of the basket before the center starts to extract. This results in an uneven extraction.

I also recommend setting the distribution / leveler to the shallowest depth possible. You want it to just barely scrape the surface of the grounds to create a flat surface for tamping.

  • ALSAINTE Distributor 58.5mm:



There are a ton of tampers out there to choose from. It is extremely important to use a tamper that is at least 58.5mm in diameter just like the Distribution tool. Even a 58mm tamper can cause donut extractions, which are not ideal and produce substandard tasting and looking extractions.

I highly recommend The Force Tamper. It takes all the guess work out of tamping. It produces extremely accurate results over and over again. It basically removes tamping from the equation and is one less variable to worry about. It has adjustable calibrated sudden impact pressure, and automatic leveling. It has a variety of different bases and handles. It will be the last tamper you'll ever need to buy. I honestly can't think of a single negative.

TIP: Make sure to slowly remove the tamper from the basket after impact to ensure the puck is not sucked out or dislodged.

  • The Force Tamper 58.5mm Flat Base:




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