Out of this World! Proud Mary's Supernatural Extraction & Review



  • Roaster: Proud Mary

  • Coffee: Supernatural

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Roast: Light

  • Espresso Vision: 32 Very Light

  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Region: Uraga

  • Producer: Primrose

  • Processing: Natural

  • Varieties: Heirloom

  • Elevation: 1,950-2,300 MASL

  • Flavors: Goosebumps, Exploding Heart, Triple Back Flip, & Dizzy



This is a natural coffee taken to an extreme out of this world level! I 100% agree with the clever name "SUPERnatural" that Proud Mary created for this coffee! Supernatural falls under Proud Mary's Deluxe category which contains their most extreme premium coffees. Imagine your standard natural Ethiopian single origin specialty coffee, fruit forward, floral, and acidic. Now take that coffee and crank the flavor and aroma up to 11, and that is Proud Mary Supernatural! I really love Proud Mary's choice of packaging. It really gives it premium feel. The first thing I noticed upon opening the canister was the insane aroma punching me in the face. It did not smell like coffee at all. I smelled a medley of fruit flavors, floral notes like jasmine and lavender, and some kind of cookie or graham like aroma. I used the Espresso Vision Roast detector to test the roast level, and it scored a 32 which is Very Light. I turned on my espresso machine and pulled a couple shots. The flavors and aromas are greatly exaggerated. Personally they are a little too exaggerated on the fruit side. It was a little winey and muddled which made it more difficult to single out any specific fruits. It tasted like mixed berry fruit punch wine, with notes of jasmine and lavender. It also had some kind of graham or cookie taste that reminded me of a fortune cookie. The taste over all was quite pleasant and very enjoyable, and I highly recommend that you give it a try. It is definitely an experience that you won't soon forget!




  • Basket: 16/20g IMS Precision

  • Weight In: 18.5 grams

  • Weight Out: 38 grams

  • Niche Zero Grind Setting: 5

  • Temp: 198F

  • Extraction Time: 30 sec


  • Weight In: 24 grams

  • Kubomi

  • Weight Out: 400 grams

  • Niche Zero Grind Setting: 38

  • Temp: 212F

  • Bloom Pour: 60g in 0:00 - 0:10

  • Bloom: 0:10 - 0:30

  • Light Stir with Glass Rod

  • 2nd Pour: 60g to 230g in 0:30 - 1:15

  • Swirl

  • Drawdown: 1:15 - 3:30

See The Real Sprometheus "Damn Fine Tutorial - My Hybrid V60 Technique" for details..




Breville Dual Boiler 920XL "Slayer Mod"

  • Valve cracked open about 2mm

  • 0 bars to 4-5 bars in about 15 seconds

  • Close valve a little as coffee starts to bead out

  • Hold between 4-5 bars for 10 seconds as the shot forms

  • Open the valve all the way and bring pressure to 9 bars

  • Around the 20 second mark, close the valve slightly to compensate for puck erosion to about 8.5 bars

  • Close valve as shot time reaches about 30 seconds, and weight is about 38 grams


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  • S: 1/4000

  • F: 4

  • ISO: 800

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