Niche Zero 3D Printed NFC Disk Mod

3D Printed NFC (Niche Flow Control) Disk Modification.

I was given this 3D printed NFC disk from a friend on the Home Barista Forums. Niche has officially started shipping new units with the Niche branded NFC disk.

The NFC disk improves grind consistency by only allowing a couple beans at a time feed into the burrs. It prevents the weight of the beans themselves from pushing down harder towards the start of the grind cycle compared to the end of the grind cycle.

It's an extremely simple modification.

  • Unscrew the bolt in the middle

  • Place a 1/4 in. Zinc-Plated Steel Internal Tooth Lock Washer in first. You can find these almost anywhere. Here is a link from Home Depot Lock Washer

  • Then place the NFC Disk on top of the lock washer and return the bolt and tighten it.

Dave Corby has a great video as well.

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