New Arrival from Bottomless Coffee! Revel Coffee - Ethiopia Wush Wush

Single Origin


  • Roaster: Revel Coffee

  • Coffee: Ethiopia Wush Wush

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Roast: Light

  • Espressso Vision: 34 Very Light

  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Region: Sidama

  • Varieties: Heirloom

  • Elevation: 1,900 MASL

  • Flavors: Fruit Juice Acidity, Watermelon Taffy, Chocolate, Fruit Leather


Top 10 coffee of 2020 with a 96 Point review by

"Richly aromatic, levitatingly high-toned. Lychee, passionfruit, dark chocolate, candied violet, sage in aroma and cup. Layered sweet-tart-savory structure with juicy, vibrant acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. The resonant finish centers around lychee, dark chocolate and sage."

This is one of those coffees that will be remembered with fondness years later. Each sip taken with hope that the next crop will be just as good or that you'll be able to find another like it.

It is also an example of not judging a book by its cover.

To become a Revel coffee offering, samples from all over the world are blindly evaluated. It's a competition of the survival-of-the-most-delicious...

When samples come in, the coffee is examined unroasted first which can often tell quite a bit about the overall quality potential the coffee may have.

The Wush Wush was, well, kind of odd looking as far as green coffee goes. (This is due to the coffees unique processing, a little more on that later) Over the years, as relationships are developed with importers, they tend to learn what kind of quality of coffee any given company is after. Was this sent by accident? Regardless, the sample was roasted up and set for the blind evaluations the next day. Later it was found out that the initial samples of the Wush Wush were only sent to select coffee roasters of which Revel is humbled to be a part of.

There were around four other Ethiopian coffees roasted up alongside the wush wush. Once they were weighed out and randomized they were ground and ready for olfactory eval. Ethiopian coffees in general are some of the most fantastic and complex smelling out there and these all delivered and were as expected ... except for one. One had a different experience that was initially a bit underwhelming by comparison. Reminiscent of perhaps a natural Brazil, some popcorn and nut aroma with a fermented fruit background and juniper.

The coffees were brewed and tasted at hot temp all the way through room temp. Guess which one stood out the most, was amazingly sweet, complex, rich and delicious?

Our proverbial ugly duckling.

But hey, do we buy coffee to look at it!?

The Wush Wush encompasses the entirety of the palate with amazing intensity and balanced syrupy body and fruit juice acidity. Of all the various floral and fruit notes one can pick out, the one that seems to come to the forefront the most as the cup cools is watermelon taffy. The finish is lasting and sweet, like a dehydrated fruit leather snack.

Not only due to skillful growing, this coffee likely owes much of the unique flavor to its special processing and a 120 hour fermentation - long! The heirloom coffee was collected from small farmers growing at an elevation of 1900 meters in the Sidama region and milled by the Kerchanshe washing station.


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