May The Triforce Be With You

Halfwit Coffee's Triforce Espresso Review and Extraction Video

  • Roaster: Halfwit Coffee

  • Coffee: Triforce Blend

  • Type: Espresso Blend


ORIGIN: Colombia, Ethiopia REGIONS: Cauca, Yirgacheffe PROCESS: Fully washed VARIETALS: Red and Yellow Bourbon; Mixed Heirloom NOTES: Milk Chocolate, Candied Orange, Vanilla


This espresso blend is a combination of two very different beans. The Colombian beans bring a big creamy body, and a rich milk chocolate natural sweetness. While the washed Yirgacheffe delivers a sparkling orange citrus acidity. These two beans couldn't be more different. When blended together you get the best of both worlds, and the compliment each other perfectly. The bright orange notes turn into a creamy orange creamsicle, and the sweet milk chocolate morphs into a smooth fudgesicle taste. I really like to accent the candied orange notes as much as possible, so I opted for a VST filter basket to help drive the Yirgacheffe home. A slight updose at 19 grams also helps highlight a thick and full bodied texture.


  • Basket: 18g VST

  • Weight In: 19 grams

  • Weight Out: 36 grams

  • Temp: 200F

If you're interested in the coffee, please click the Halfwit logo below and grab a bag!

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