Little Giant Coffee's New Arrival!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Little Giant Coffee Roasters - Colombia Cauca Caldono AA


  • Roaster: Little Giant

  • Coffee: Colombia Cauca Caldono AA

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Origin: Colombia

  • Region: Caldono, Cauca

  • Grower: 11 producers

  • Importer: Royal Coffee

  • Varieties: Castillo, Colombia

  • Processing: Fully Washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain

  • Altitude: 1650 - 1800 m

  • Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Papaya, Lime


I've been extremely eager to test a coffee from Little Giant for awhile now, so I finally ordered up a bag. Little Giant Coffee Roasters is 100% a solo operation by Sprometheus. He roasts some of the finest small batch limited edition coffees around. These coffees are only available until the lot sells out, and then he's on to the next coffee. If you're not familiar with Sprometheus he is a roasters, and trainer that has a large YouTube following, and I highly recommend that you check him out. His passion for espresso shines through in his entertaining and extremely informative videos, and I'm sure Little Giant will be no different. Expect my review and extraction video in the next few days.

i If you're interested in checking out Sprometheus YouTube, please click the logo below, and if you're interested in grabbing a bag from Little Giant, please click the Little Giant logo below that. Thanks!

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