Killer Espresso! From Urban Grind Roasters USA

Mooresville, NC Local Artisan Coffee Roasters from South Africa

For those of you that know me, you've heard me go on and on about how amazing Urban Grind is. I am completely obsessed with their coffee! Urban Grind is my local go to cafe and roaster. I'm lucky enough to live on the same street, only about a half a mile away. UG is owned by Dirk and Tarryn, a husband and wife team from South Africa. Tarryn and Dirk are extremely warm and inviting, and have an incredible passion for coffee. This combination of kindness and passion permeates into every part of what makes Urban Grind great.

They've assembled a amazing team as well. Tiffany the Assistant Manager is always smiling, putting out good vibes, and genuinely happy to help. Brad is Urban Grind's new roaster, and has been doing an excellent job keeping all the coffees tasting consistent and on point. They have a killer variety of single origin specialty coffees, and specialty blends.


  • Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

  • Colombia - Tolima

  • Guatemala - San Antonia Huehuetenango

  • Brazil - Carmo De Minas

  • Colombia - Caldas (decaf)

  • Urban Blend - Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia


Every single one of these coffees are really great, but there are a couple that stand out as some of the greatest coffees I've ever tasted! Their Ethiopia Yirgacheffee is a masterpiece that will blow your mind as both an espresso, and a pour over. It's bursting with fresh blueberries, with a orange twist on the finish. It is my number one all time favorite single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffee!

If classic espresso is more your style, you cannot go wrong with their Brazil Carmo De Minas. It has that nostalgic old school Italian espresso vibe nailed. Sweet milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts for that original northern Italian style espresso flavor.


If you're ever in this area of North Carolina, I strongly recommend swinging by Urban Grind Cafe and grabbing a cup.

239 W Center Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115

Fortunately for everyone else who's not lucky enough to live close to Urban Grind Cafe, you can order their fresh roasted beans online, and have them shipped to you.

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