Fruit Tsunami . . . Crave the Wave!

Cafe Lanterne - El Anono Review and Espresso Extraction Video



  • Roaster: Cafe Lanterne

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Coffee: El Anono

  • Type: Single Origin



  • Country : El Salvador

  • Region : La Montanita, La Palma, Chalatenango

  • Variety: Pacas

  • Altitude : 1350m

  • Process : Natural

  • Importer's country price : $ 15.42 / kg

  • Importer : Cafe Imports

  • Aromatic profile : Ripe cherry, cranberry, clementine


Finca El Anono

El Salvador - The Land of Volcanoes

Sandra Beatriz Lemus grows Gesha, Pacas, and Pacamara varieties on 3 manzanas of land. She picks the ripe cherries and lays them to dry on raised beds for 15–20 days.



The very first thing that comes to mind when I smelled this coffee was..."Crave the Wave, Ocean Spray!" This is a straight fruit bomb, or more accurately a fruit tsunami! Just like Hawaiian Punch it hits you right in the mouth. The first sip blasts you with a strong CranRazz flavor. It's perfectly crisp, tart, and refreshing with just the right amount of acidity. Intense sweetness rolls in quickly following the CranRazz taste. It's a kaleidoscope of changing fruit flavors that starts with a wild cherry, then it shifts into a clementine, and finally melts into a juicy peach flavor. It's incredibly juicy, and keeps you coming back sip after sip after sip. A wonderful fruity experience!

I also very much enjoyed it as a V60 pour over as well!



  • Basket: 18g IMS

  • Weight In: 19 grams

  • Weight Out: 36 grams

  • Temp: 201F


If you're Craving the Wave, please click the photo below and pick up a bag!

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