Espresso Vision First Looks

Coffee Roast Sensor

If you're into specialty coffee this is definitely the device for you! Espresso Vision has developed an extremely easy to use device that can quickly and accurately detect the exact roast of any coffee. Here are the basic steps..

  1. Plug it in using the provided USB-C cord

  2. Set your grinder to a standard espresso grind

  3. Grind a very small sample, about 1 gram is enough

  4. Use the provided dosing spoon and place the sample on the eye

  5. Tap a couple times to settle the grounds and you're done.

Espresso Vision uses a numerical scale to identity the roast level.

The advertised roast level can vary greatly from one roaster to another. This device cuts through all of the inaccuracy and marketing and gets down to the facts. I love being able to test the roast level of a new coffee and compare it to previous data that I've accumulated. Roast Vision is also compiling a database of popular coffees. My hope is that one day all coffee roasters will use the Espresso Vision sensor and roast level scale and include those results on their website and on the bag itself.

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