Brewmance Romance - Worlds Collide!

Zab Cafe's Brewmance Extraction Video & Review



  • Roaster: Zab Cafe

  • Coffee: Brewmance

  • Type: Blend

  • Origin: Brazil and Ethiopia

  • Varieties: Red Catuai, Heirloom

  • Processing: Natural Pulled, Natural

  • Flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Almonds, Blueberries



  • ORIGIN: Carmo de ParanaÍba

  • REGION: Cerrado Mineiro

  • STATE: Minas Gerais

  • PRODUCER: Lúcio Godim Velloso

  • FARM: Onze Mil Virgens

  • VARIETY: Red catuai

  • PROCESS: Natural pulped

  • ALTITUDE: 1135 m

  • PARTNERS: Crop to Cup, Aequitas


  • VOLUME PURCHASED: 19,600 kg

  • FOB: $1.95 

  • RELATIONSHIP: 1 year



  • ORIGIN: Woreda de Kercha, Guji Ouest

  • PROVINCE: Oromia

  • PRODUCERS: 782 small-scale producers

  • STATION: Banko Michicha

  • VARIETY: Heirloom

  • PROCESS: Natural

  • ALTITUDE: 1900-2030 m

  • PARTNER: Crop to Cup

  • QUALITY: 86

  • VOLUME PURCHASED: 4,320 kg

  • FOB: $ 2.35

  • RELATIONSHIP: 1 year



The best of both worlds! I really love the balance and contrast that this coffee has, and honestly most of my favorite coffees seem to have a similar blend. The Brazilian coffee brings a nostalgic classic espresso taste that I will always love and enjoy. It has those deep and naturally sweet chocolate notes with a warm roasted nutty taste. The Ethiopian coffee brings with it all the greatness that new school coffees have to offer. Bright crisp fruity notes bursting with acidity and complexity. This specific Ethiopian has a super punchy blueberry flavor that is full, well rounded, and crazy juicy. Both of these coffees I'm sure are incredible on their own, but something truly magical happens when they are married together. The age old saying that opposites attract is perfectly applicable for this wonderful love affair. Zab completely hit the nail on the head with this pairing, and I cannot seem to drink enough of it. As far as styles and preferences go, it's like this coffee was made specifically for me. Obviously it's perfect for any kind of espresso based drink that you can think of, but it's equally as impressive as a pour over. I think I finished this entire bag in a matter of 3 days!



  • Basket: 18g IMS Competition

  • Weight In: 20 grams

  • Weight Out: 33 grams

  • Temp: 200F

  • Extraction Time: 35 to 40 sec

  • Notes: Zab has amazing recommended parameters for this coffee! It really makes the blueberry notes pop! I grinded a little finer than normal, increased my preinfusion time to 20 seconds with a slow rising pressure starting a zero and reaching 3 bars at the 20 sec mark. This allowed me to increase the dose a little more, and push the extraction time a little longer than normal. The more I pushed these parameters the stronger the blueberry flavor punched through. At least up to about the 40 second mark.


If you're interested in this coffee, or any other coffees from Zab Cafe, please click the photo below and pick up a bag or two!

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