Berry Bomb! Centri Coffee's Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho Extraction & Review

Centri Coffee - Organic Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho - Natural



  • Roaster: Centri Coffee

  • Coffee: Organic Ethiopia

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Roast: Light

  • Espressso Vision: 26 Light

  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Region: Worka, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region

  • Varieties: Indigenous Heirloom

  • Harvest: October - December

  • Elevation: 1,800 - 1,900 MASL

  • Process: Full Natural, Dried on Raised Beds

  • Certifications: USDA Organic

  • Flavors: Berry, Jasmine, Fruit, Guava, Peach



I really really love this coffee! It has that classic berry bomb flavor that you get with really good quality Ethiopian Naturals. It's been awhile since I had one with this intense of a berry flavor though. Mixed in among the berry flavors were subtle floral notes of jasmine that complimented it beautifully. Centri really did a killer job with this one! I burned through the whole bag in just a few days since it was just as good as a pour over as an espresso. Thankfully I got this coffee through Bottomless so my next coffee shipped out early since I destroyed this one so quickly. I will definitely be tying more from Centri Coffee in the future.


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  • Basket: 16/20g IMS Precision

  • Weight In: 18 grams

  • Weight Out: 36 grams

  • Niche Zero Grind Setting: 5.5

  • Temp: 198F

  • Extraction Time: 30 sec


  • Weight In: 25 grams

  • Kubomi

  • Weight Out: 400 grams

  • Fellow Ode Grinder w/ SSP Burrs: 6

  • Temp: 212F

  • Bloom Pour: 60g in 0:00 - 0:10

  • Bloom: 0:10 - 0:30

  • Light Stir with Glass Rod

  • 2nd Pour: 60g to 230g in 0:30 - 1:15

  • Swirl

  • Drawdown: 1:15 - 3:30

See The Real Sprometheus "Damn Fine Tutorial - My Hybrid V60 Technique" for details..



Breville Dual Boiler 920XL "Slayer Mod"

  • Valve cracked open about 2mm

  • 0 bars to 4-5 bars in about 15 seconds

  • Close valve a little as coffee starts to bead out

  • Hold between 4-5 bars for 5-10 seconds as the shot forms

  • Open the valve all the way and bring pressure to 9 bars

  • Around the 20 second mark, close the valve slightly to compensate for puck erosion to about 8 bars

  • Close valve as shot time reaches about 30 seconds, and weight is about 36 grams


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  • S: 1/4000

  • F: 4

  • ISO: 800

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