Anomalous Almond! Rob Beans - Timor Indonesia Extraction & Review



  • Roaster: Rob Beans Roasted By Rob

  • Coffee: Timor

  • Type: Single Origin

  • Roast: Medium

  • Origin: Timor Indonesia

  • Region: Ainaro, Ermera, and Lequisa, East Timor

  • Grower: Cooperative Cafe Timor

  • Processing: Fully Washed, dried in the sun and mechanical driers

  • Harvest: June - October

  • Varieties: Bourbon, and Timor Hybrid

  • Elevation / Soil: 800 - 1600 / Volcanic Loam

  • Flavors: Full Body, Citrus, Earthy Flavor, Very Unique Tasting



I have been wanting to test out Rob Beans for a long while now. I've only ever heard great things about his coffee from everyone who's tried it. I am especially excited to test out an Indonesian Single Origin for the first time as well. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the unique smell of this coffee. It has an earthy smell that is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time (if that makes sense). I quickly prepped for my first shot, and to my surprise, nailed it on the first go! My first shot was 18.5 grams in and 36 grams out in about 28 seconds. This coffee extracts beautifully! I took my first sip. The first thing I noticed was a subtle base that tasted like chocolate, but not just a plain chocolate. Something about the taste was very familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it right away. It reminded me of something from my childhood. Then it hit me! It tasted like a Chocolate Malt, specifically Ovaltine, which I love! Then I noticed a little bite of citrus, followed by a mild nuttiness that tied the Chocolate Malt back in. I decided to try and tighten up the ratio a bit, and see how that would affect the flavors. My second shot was 18.5 grams in and 30 grams out in 30 seconds. MAGIC! This was it! It still had that great malty chocolate base, but now the nuttiness was cranked up to 11. An incredible Almond flavor emerged and blended perfectly with the Ovaltine base. I'm really enjoying this coffee! It's the best when you have a unique and amazing tasting espresso that also extracts so perfectly and effortlessly. Fun to drink and fun to extract doesn't always go together. Rob Beans did a great job roasting this bean just right to bring out it's fullest potential. So if you're looking for something out of the ordinary that is also a whole lot of fun to extract, I highly suggest you pick up a bag. You won't be disappointed!




  • Basket: 16/20g IMS Precision

  • Weight In: 18.5 grams

  • Weight Out: 30 grams

  • Niche Zero Grind Setting: 3

  • Temp: 200F

  • Extraction Time: 30 sec



Breville Dual Boiler 920XL "Slayer Mod"

  • Valve cracked open about 2mm

  • 0 bars to 3 bars in about 15 seconds

  • Close valve a little as coffee starts to bead out

  • Hold between 3 to 4 bars for 5 seconds as the shot forms

  • Open the valve and build up to 9 bars

  • Around the 20 second mark, close the valve slightly to compensate for puck erosion to about 8.5 bars

  • Close valve as shot time reaches about 30 seconds, and weight is about 30 grams


If you're interested in this coffee please click the photo below and pick up a bag or two!



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